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Chief Strategy Officer

Marty has over 32 years experience in emergency services, 26 of those specific to air medical. He worked for a national air medical provider in several progressive roles, including operations, business development, emergency management, clinical roles and as regional vice president responsible for 48 bases in 8 states operating in several models, partnered with several large health systems. Marty most recently was the Division VP of Medical Transport at the HCA AIRLIFE program in Houston, growing the program from a single base specialty team program to a multi-base operation. Additionally, Marty has several years experience working with health systems to create efficiency and process improvements in their transfer center and patient flow management departments, as well as Critical Care ground operations. Marty was the Chief Operating Officer/Director of Operations for a mid-sized ground ambulance company in upstate NY. Marty also served as EMS Coordinator for Chenango County NY where he was directly responsible for provision of care, compliance and training for the county’s agencies and providers and was responsible for the EMS sector in the county’s EOC. Additionally, Marty has served in various roles in emergency services including firefighter, paramedic, flight paramedic, preceptor and an instructor with the local paramedic program in Binghamton NY. Marty earned his Bachelors in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix and his Masters of Business from the University of Albany Executive Program.


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