Lehmer Dunn, CEO

Lehmer Dunn, CEO

My commitment as CEO and owner is to continuously pursue safety as our top priority for our patients, employees, partners, and those we interact with. We welcome feedback and invite you to join us in the pursuit of safety.

As CEO, my responsibility is to set high standards in driving and maintaining the Apollo Safety Culture. As an aviator, I understand the criticality of maintaining vigilance in every aspect of our operations and emphasizing a continuous commitment to safety.

We achieve this by attracting the best professionals the industry has to offer and providing them with best practices to do their jobs safely and effectively. This includes operating all flights under Night Vision Devices (NVDs) and operating aircraft under instrument flight rules (IFR) standards where appropriate.

To further demonstrate my commitment as CEO, Apollo has embraced and is participating in the Federal Aviation Administration’s Safety Management System Voluntary Program and the implementation of standards and industry best practices.

key tools and safety initiatives for Apollo include:



Baldwin Safety and Compliance is a partner in our safety program.

Our commitment to best practices is highlighted by our accreditation through the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Services (CAMTS), our participation in industry associations and our continuous engagement in quality improvement.

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