Below is a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions. We encourage you to contact us and we will gladly address any additional concerns you might have.

Quality of Patient Care:

Which medical team members are on each flight?

  • At least two medical crew members consisting of an experienced critical care nurse and a critical care certified paramedic accompany each patient. Both team members are trained in flight physiology.
  • Depending on the particular medical needs of the patient, additional medical specialists are assigned to the flight as necessary.

Can a family member or friend fly with the patient?

Yes. We encourage someone close to the patient to accompany them on the flight to provide comfort. There is no additional charge for this extra person. However, Apollo does not require a family member or friend to accompany the patient. Please notify the communications center when making transfer arrangements.

Who organizes the transportation of the patient to and from the airplane?

Apollo coordinates all ground transportation services, and the patient is accompanied bedside to bedside by our medical flight team. This uninterrupted transition between medical facilities helps to reduce the patient’s stress and helps to prevent monitored patient health data from being incorrectly communicated to the receiving facility’s medical staff.

What type of patient can Apollo transport?

  • Apollo aircraft are equipped as Mobile Intensive Care Units and are capable of safely transporting patients with most medical conditions.
  • Our patients range from those who require minor medical monitoring to those who need intensive care from specialized in-flight medical staff.
  • If a doctor recommends a patient not travel by commercial carrier, Apollo is ready to provide the required medical transportation services.

Is there ever a situation when a patient cannot be flown by Apollo?

Apollo follows the highest industry standards in safety and does have defined mission limitations specific to aircraft, patient condition, overall safety, and other logistical factors. Please contact the communications center for questions and details.


Does the type of aircraft in which the patient is transported matter?

Due to their reliability and safety record, Apollo exclusively uses turboprop and jet aircraft.

What if there is a medical emergency in the flight?

All Apollo aircraft are equipped similarly to any ICU/CCU in a premier hospital. Your loved one will be cared for with similar medical equipment and the medical expertise that they would expect in a hospital.

Does the government require an air ambulance company to have a license?

Apollo is licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services as an EMS Provider and our aircraft are designated as Mobile Intensive Care Units (MICU). In addition, we are authorized to provide medical services in aircraft operated by Integra Aviation, LLC. Integra is a FAA part 135 operator holding certificate number 454A3720.

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